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We have been having some problems with owners and have been replacing them but I think that a strike system will help.

Three strikes will justify an owner being dropped from the league.

Strikes will be given for the following:
1. Quitting a game under any circumstance. This will not be tolerated, if you think the other owner is breaking rules suck it up and finish the game and we can deal with it afterwards.
2. Swearing at another owner or disrespecting them continuously will not be tolerated in this league. We have had a few punks with really bad attitudes and have been slowly weeding them out. This league is for mature adults who want a fun, friendly, competitive league.
3. Consistent breaking of rules. If you get a complaint about breaking certain rules one of the commish’s will send you an email. If you get another similar complaint about breaking the same rule(s) that will merit a strike. If you don’t like the rules here there are a lot of other leagues with fewer rules.

We have a solid base of great owners. It will take some more time to weed out owners that do not fit what we are about and I could use your guys help with that through emails to the cflmadden08 email. We are going to start cracking down so we can get the league stable with just good owners and may have some people use two teams until we can find acceptable replacements.

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